Purpose of the equipment

小荡货bl,小电影在线观看 黄The active contact flange is intended for the exertion of regulated pressure and traction in automation systems.

Areas of application – surface processing Sanding

Polishing ? ?Laminating ? ?Paint stripping ? ?Brushing

Deburring ? ?Cleaning ? ?Ironing

Areas of application – contact-sensitive handling

Shedding ? ?Insertion ? ?Adhesion ? ?Joining ? ?Packing ? ?Quality control


Steel ? ?Plastics ? ?Aluminum ? ?Wood ? ?Titan ? ?Ceramics

Magnesium ? ?Ironing ? ?Carbon ? ?Coconut fibre



The principles of success behind evolution are?flexibility and adaptation. Our?Compliant Robot Technology is now bringing?these success factors from nature into industrial?robotics.?The structure and function of this unique?technology are based on the integration of?human movement. This means the robot guides?its tool as sensitively as the human hand. It?responds intuitively to every contact situation?and gives feedback.


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Robot handcraft

The human arm represents the highest?standard of flexibility and sensitivity.?FerRobotics robot elements combine this?extremely high requirement for spontaneous?movement and sensitivity. They guarantee the?autonomous dosage of force and individual?position contact. They are response-active?and take account of their environment. The?Compliant Robot Technology breathes tactile?sensitivity into the robot and makes it a?sensitive worker. It is a highly innovative?trendsetter in the area of flexible automation.

Newest Innovation

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